Please allow 2-3 days extra delivery time on some selected pieces.

Mazura Studios: The Brand

Mazura Studios is a minimalist Sustainable brand, specialising in clean, contemporary timeless pieces. We aim to create pieces with the female form and comfortability in mind! We want every woman who wears our pieces to feel confident and effortless. 

We take ethical measures during our design process from sampling to production which is why we only produce small quantities. This has been a conscious decision in order to help reduce our carbon footprint and textile waste as a result of fast fashion-mass production. 

Mazura is a family name of Zimbabwean origin. Born and semi raised in Bulawayo, Taboka has always expressed an innate love for Clothing design. Since graduating, she has refined her clean and minimalist aesthetic to design pieces that are flattering, modern and most of all transitional throughout the seasons. 


'I have always been a creative individual, I'd cut and stick paper dresses to my barbie dolls and line my teddies up as an audience to my cereal box runway show. I have always pursued Art & Design based courses throughout my academic years, right up until university. Thank God for an African mother who always pushed and believed in my passion! This is more than business, it's a deep love for design and garment construction. If you're reading this thank you for your support and thank you for joining this journey! - Taboka Mazura - Owner